In 1993 a friend showed us pictures of a litter of Australian Shepherd puppies. We both loved dogs and always had one or two around. Corinne grew up on a farm in Nebraska and always admired Aussies, so it was love at first sight with Brandi, our springboard into the “wonderful world of dogs.” Soon after came Bear and Emma, who loved to herd ducks, sheep and cows; and they both achieved herding titles.
      Needing to practice with the dogs, Dale saw the opportunity to start raising ducks and sheep on our little piece of Georgia, and so Gold Creek Farm began. Dale never could say where the name came from, but it stuck -- even though there was no creek and no gold.
      In 2002, we moved from Georgia to an acreage in Missouri, where we did have a creek but still no gold. We raised sheep and hay, and quickly learned that raising ducks was no easy task. The critters were well fed as they eliminated our duck population.

     Like many of our dog friends, we decided we wanted a smaller breed to go with the Aussies, so Andy joined the family. We soon found that Aussies and Chihuahuas were a good combination. Our motto became “Aussies Rock, Chihuahuas Rule”.
     To date, the Gold Creek gang has earned ASCA herding titles; AKC and ASCA Championships; UKC, AKC and ASCA obedience titles; and we are still going strong. Our greatest accomplishment to date was reaching #8 in ASCA’s Top 30 Conformation Merit Program. Two of our girls were invited to compete in the ASCA Finals conformation show, held during Nationals. Feel free to check out the accomplishments of all of our dogs.
      We do not breed; rather, we prefer to purchase from quality breeders we trust. If you are looking for an Aussie or Chihuahua breeder, we will be glad to help. But first, consider adoption from the breed’s rescue groups.
      Looking for a unique gift for a special person? Check out the custom crate pads, available in your specified color and size. They are machine washable and dryable. Or take a look at the items made from old barbed wire. All gifts are handcrafted.